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Work vs. Play

By: Luke Frey – Sales Manager at Rees, Inc.


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Or so the expression goes. But unfortunately all play and no work leaves Jack unemployed, unproductive and potentially homeless. Certainly not ideal. I am a firm believer that there is a time for humor, casual conversation and laughter within the workplace. The key is balance. Work and Play, when properly blended together, can provide an enjoyable environment that increases company morale and in-so-part increases productivity.

It’s the little things that make a difference. In order to foster a positive work environment, Managers and co-workers need to take time to invest in those they work with. Get to know those around you. During your coffee/lunch breaks, learn about their families, their lives, where they’re from, etc. I understand that this is difficult to do in a big company, but pick and choose to do so with those you work closest with. Of course, this all starts from the top. Management needs to establish a set of principles based on Integrity and implement those by taking care of their workers. That is what brings us to my favorite part… work fun.

People are motivated and more focused when they are in a more laidback environment. We at Rees, Inc. take our role in the Industrial sector very seriously. When an issue arises, we do our best to resolve it properly and timely. We make sure and do our best to serve our customers best we can. We do our homework on our products: How they operate, how they’re used, how/if they can be improved, what industries they serve. We know our stuff. We take pride in that. However, our workplace is no boot-camp. Our break room is filled with tasty treats, reading material and a can-crush contest that is sure to bring out anyone’s competitive nature. (Current Champ right here, folks ;)) We also celebrate ALL employee birthdays, bringing in the dessert of their choosing for everyone to indulge in. Like I said, it’s the little things. While these little things make up VERY small parts of our day, you can assure that when we return to our desks to focus on the task at hand, we do so with a smile and a go-getter mentality. Bonding, Fun, Efficiency, Productivity, Company Morale: All intertwined. What can you do within your company to promote unity? Something to think about.

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