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Why Buy American?

By: Joel Jepson – GM at Rees, Inc.

As we move forward and hopefully out of the COVID-19 pandemic your friends, relatives, and business associates may tell you to “Support Local Small Businesses.” I would like to share with you some reasons why I believe this is incredibly important, especially under the current circumstances.

One of the greatest benefits when buying products from a small business is service. When we call upon a business, we hope to speak to a person. Someone who can immediately direct the call or answer a specific question we have. Many times this is something that a machine will not understand. This is much more likely to occur when contacting a small business. We can get to know the people behind the products we’re buying, whether it’s a manufacturing component or a sandwich from the local deli.

Another benefit of working with small businesses is the effect it has on the community. Small businesses employ nearly half of the private sector workforce. When we do business with these small firms, money trickles down and into our communities instead of being sent overseas. This trickle down funds many things we take for granted. It may be keeping our favorite barbershop open, funding a local park or library, or even putting food on our neighbor’s dinner table.

Doing business with local small businesses can also be financially beneficial to us. Small businesses may have lower overhead costs reflecting in the price of their products, reduced shipping costs due to their proximity to us, and potentially higher quality products that reduce the need for replacement over time.

Our team here at Rees Inc. does the best it can to source our components from local small businesses. This has allowed us to build great relationships with reputable and reliable companies that do their best to meet our needs. Being a small business ourselves, we are proud to manufacture all of our products in Fremont, Indiana. You can rest assured that when you call us you will get to speak with one of our knowledgeable inside sales representatives who can immediately answer your questions. We hope you take this into consideration when searching for your next supplier!

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