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Top 10 things you don’t want to hear from your Plant workers

By: Luke Frey – Sales Manager at Rees, Inc.

In manufacturing there are primarily 2 categories of people that allow a company to operate successfully: Those who make the product and those who sell the product. While I prefer to be the latter, my job cannot be done without the former. Our plant workers are the people we depend on at the ground level. A good product is produced due to the hard work of skilled and dedicated laborers. That being said, let’s take a look at what we don’t want to hear from those people in the plant.


  1. “Nail-gun fight!”
  2. “Has anybody found Fred’s gold tooth lying around or should we still be looking?”
  3. “Twenty bucks says I can beat the robot in an arm-wrestling match.”
  4. “Honestly, I just mix the green liquid with the pink liquid, start mashing buttons, and hopefully everything comes out looking okay.”
  5. “Who wants to play ‘Race the crash-test car.’?”
  6. “Did you know that you can drive a forklift with no hands?”
  7. “Hypothetically speaking, what would be my limit on beers per shift?”
  8. “What do we make again?”
  9. “If you play your angles right, you can ride the conveyor around the whole plant in 10 minutes.”
  10. “What a busy day. Had to cut my morning break down to 3 hours.”


While it is enjoyable to sit back and laugh at humorous scenarios, one thing that is NOT a joke is workplace safety. There are people in manufacturing environments that suffer from life-altering injuries, due to lack of safety, equipment malfunction, etc. These are the type of incidents that we must try and prevent. The people you depend on are those you must protect. A good workplace provides an environment in which its workers can KNOW that their safety is a top priority. This means assuring that the proper safeguards are used on equipment AND that workers are properly educated and trained on what steps must be taken to optimize the safety of their selves and their co-workers. We at Rees are grateful for the opportunity to provide products that can help keep people safe in the workplace. We appreciate your business and hope that you will continue to depend on our products for providing added safety throughout the years.

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