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The Importance of Push Button Switches


Many mechanical devices use, or have capabilities for, some form of a push button system, but many people don’t know what a push button system – or even just a push button – is.




Push buttons are devices that are created for use on heavy machinery, typically presses in a shop. They are used for the following applications:


  • Security Systems
  • Industrial Manufacturing Equipment
  • Casino Gaming
  • Audio/Video Equipment
  • Avionics
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Test and Measurement Equipment


These devices, and more, are examples of the customized buttons that can be created in the push button category.




While you can see from above that these buttons are used in many ways, this is a generalization of how push buttons can be used. Some can be lighted to find them in the dark or to show when they are on or off. Others can be inset in a machine (such as buttons on fitness equipment) to provide a flush look without multiple buttons sticking out across the device.


Each button can also be customized to fit the needs of the purchaser. The following customizations are the most common:


  • Custom Caps and Legends
  • Custom Detents (clicks) and Tactile Feel
  • Multiple Termination and Cabling Options
  • Custom Electronics




While the above shows an array of uses and customizations, there are also many ways to design push buttons. Each design is unique and helpful to the company purchasing it:


  • Single Plunger Push Button Switch
  • Double Plunger Push Button Switch
  • Mushroom Plunger with Swing Latch


Each of these designs are important to the use of the button. Depending on the application it’s used for, the customizations the company wants, and the design of the button is the determinate for the use and need of the company. Many companies seek a basic single plunger push button with no customizations to use on large presses in a shop or something similar.


It’s very rare to find someone wanting specialty buttons for casinos or fitness equipment as most of the buttons are now flush to the machines to create ease of access and cut down on the injuries to the person using the machine. Safety is one of the biggest factors in creating a push button system.




All of this information is very important when it comes to having a push button system and creating the proper push button for the job. One thing that creates the biggest concern, but it’s also the easiest to fix, is finding what the customer wants. It’s important to have all your details before ordering so the production team can ensure to provide exactly what you want.


Customer satisfaction is important, but in order to satisfy the customer, the production team must have all the details. Ordering a push button system can be easy. Contact Rees, Inc. for more information or to order your system today.



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