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Emergency Stop Buttons: Save Your Machines and Your Employees


Owning a shop full of large machines can cause many issues if the machines break or if something happens while they are running and they can’t be turned off. This is where an emergency stop button comes into play.




The purpose of an emergency stop button is to have a way to turn off any given device in an emergency. Typically these buttons are used on larger machines such as presses in shops. Having an emergency stop button is a very important piece of equipment that provides highly important safety features to all.




Emergency stop buttons look similar to a general push button, but still have some differences. The largest difference is the purpose of the two buttons. A general push button is used for normal operation of the machine – for example turning it on and off. Whereas an emergency stop button is used in the event of an emergency to immediately stop the machine to attempt to resolve the emergency.


Other differences between the two include the look and components of the buttons. A general push button is a sleek look that provides the options of turning the machine on and off. It does not have an open mechanism to show how the button works inside as the emergency stop button does. General push buttons also do not contain the NC contact feature used to prevent damage to the button and allow it to work in an emergency situation.




Typically these buttons are used for heavy machinery, such as presses in a shop. It’s important to note that the majority of these buttons will have a red, mushroom-like button on top of a yellow base to show it is an emergency stop button. This is an important feature because it allows the button to be easily stopped in the event of an emergency.


This button also contains a lock out feature that is designed to keep the machine shut down during and after an emergency in case of any repairs necessary to be performed before running the machine again. It’s important to understand the uses of this button and its lockout feature to ensure you are using it properly.




When purchasing an emergency stop button for your machinery, it’s vital that all employees know how to properly use and lock out the button in the event of an emergency to ensure they are not being misused or improperly locked out.


If your company is in need of an emergency stop button, contact Rees, Inc. for more information on how to get an emergency stop button. They are also happy to assist with any questions or concerns you might have about installation and use of the buttons.



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