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Buttons of All Kinds: Push Buttons, E-stop Buttons, and Emergency Stop Buttons

There are many products in the world containing buttons. Some buttons are more important than others. In fact, there are two main types of buttons that we find very common on machinery and industrial equipment: push buttons and Emergency stop buttons, or E-stop buttons.


Each of these buttons can be broken into categories of individual types of buttons, but one thing remains the same: the location of their production. One place that produces these buttons is a company called Rees.




Rees, Inc. is based in Fremont, Indiana. They are a manufacturing company that focuses on creating electromechanical industrial control switches for different types of companies. These products range from rope and cable switches to various accessory items for machines.


The company began with a simple prototype of a single push button made in the founder, Mackworth Rees’, garage. This led to the start of Rees, Inc. in 1929. Very close to opening its doors, Rees, Inc. became the leading supplier of push buttons in Detroit. Today, they have retained that primary status, while expanding their company to include other areas of Michigan and Indiana.


Since their inception, Rees, Inc. has produced an array of different products that have been used in many different locations. These products are generally used as safety features in corporate plants, but in some cases, have other uses as well.





With a multitude of needs to be met, Rees, Inc. provides an array of products to serve the needs of every company they do business with. Their products include, but are not limited to:


  • Cable/Rope Operated Switches
  • Single Plunger Push Button Switches
  • Double Plunger Push Button Switches
  • Accessories and Associated Control Switches
  • 5 mm Control Units
  • Supplemental Industrial Switches
  • Explosion Proof Switches
  • 5 mm Control Units 
  • Contact Blocks
  • Weatherproof Switches
  • Specials/Modifications
  • 5 mm Push Buttons
  • Specific Selector Switch


Each of these products works in a unique way to provide the services any company may require. There are many special features to each switch that allows it to be the perfect choice for larger industries. One of those perfect choices are the push buttons.





A push button produced by Rees, Inc. is designed to work in many different ways. Push buttons are a specific type of switch that contains a button on a pad that must be pushed in order to activate or deactivate a specific object’s operation. These push buttons are designed specifically for hand operation and are generally used with electromagnetic equipment. Each button has a different look and feel, designed to fit all types of equipment and machinery.





There are a multitude of push buttons that can all be used with electromagnetic equipment, but some may fit the need better than others. The types of switches include:


  • Push Button Switches with Larger Mounting Pattern
  • Flat Chrome Plunger Push Button Switches 
  • 25 inch Plastic Mushroom Plunger
  • 25 inch Metal Mushroom Plunger
  • 25 inch Mushroom Plunger with Shield and Weatherproof
  • 25 inch Mushroom Plunger with Shield
  • 00 inch Push Button with Key Lock
  • 25 inch Push Button with Key Lock
  • 00 inch Plastic Plunger
  • 75 inch Mush Push-Pull
  • 25 inch Mushroom Plunger with Spring Latch


The above list are all single plunger push button switches. Rees, Inc. also created double plunger push button switches and 30.5 mm push buttons. These other types of switches are generally used for on/off switches and larger equipment (respectively). They are very useful products and provide many important features to the industries who seek them.




These varieties of push buttons are generally used as a safety measure for operations. The buttons can be provided to a company to add to their machinery in case the machines don’t have a way of shutting off automatically in an emergency. With the help of these buttons, machines can be turned off manually, or turned on to restart manually, should the need arise.


It’s important to understand that shop workers need to have these safety features in order to work on larger machines should something break or fail to operate properly. Having the ability to turn off a machine at a moment’s notice provides the added safety for most workers that ensures their job is a safe environment with all proper safety procedures and precautions in place.




The emergency stop buttons,


or E-stop buttons, are used as more of an immediate stop for a machine. They are important if a press or heavy machine breaks down in some way and requires immediate stopping. These buttons are designed to fit discreetly on the machines to look as though they were made for the machine. They are fixed into place and used to create a safer work environment for employees who come in contact with the machinery.


Emergency stop buttons, or E-stop buttons, manufactured by Rees most commonly come in the following forms: 22.5mm buttons, 30.5mm buttons, and 2.25 inch Mushroom Plunger with Spring Latch. Each of these options has a unique design and set of features to fit a multitude of different needs.


22.5mm BUTTONS


The first button to look at, also the smallest, is the 22.5mm button. This button is designed in multiple forms to create a small button, made for small machines, to stop a piece o


f machinery quickly in an emergency.


These buttons, and their specifications, provide companies with the E-stop features they need while providing the most logical and easy-to-use features available. While some E-stop buttons are not designed for certain machines, there are enough to choose from to allow the company to have their pick. Despite this option not being useful for every need, it still has many uses in its own way.




These buttons provide a safety feature for workers and maintenance teams who work on the machines they would be attached to. These are a special type of emergency stop button, or E-stop button, that are important to provide the safety and security the companies require for their employees working on heavy machinery.


With the bonus of being smaller, they are easily placed on a machine no matter the size and provide the discrete look of having been there since the machine was built. This al


so creates an ease of use because the buttons are not obvious to someone who wouldn’t be looking for it, therefore creating another safety feature in its own way. The ability to hide itself because of its size would be the perfect way to protect a worker should he or she have to stop the machine and work on it from the inside, thus ensuring no one could turn the machine on while the worker was inside.


30.5mm BUTTONS


The next level of emergency stop buttons, or E-stop buttons, is the 30.5mm buttons. These buttons are designed to be a step up in size from the 22.5mm buttons but provide the same level of safety and security for the company employees. These buttons fall under the 30.5mm category and provide the next level of safety for employees:


  • 5mm Push Buttons
  • 5mm Mushroom and Rope Pull Operators
  • Combined Selector Push Button Control


While some of these might be more useful than others, depending on the needs of the company, Rees, Inc. provides the best quality of each product to ensure the right button for the job.




These buttons, while larger than the 22.5mm buttons, are extremely useful because they still provide the same quality level of safety for the workers. The larger buttons, generally used for larger machines, are of the proper quality and size to ensure the employees and maintenance staff are able to locate it quickly should a need arise. These buttons are provided to companies with larger machinery that require that larger button for the safety and security of the workers and the machines.




Another important design, the 2.25 inch mushroom plunger with spring latch, is one of the more heavy duty buttons used for emergency stop, or E-stop, buttons in companies with heavy machinery. This type of button provides many features useful for emergency situations as well as maintenance needs.


They are typically used on presses to act as a “STOP” switch and have a special lock out feature to keep someone from reactivating the press while maintenance is being performed. Typically, these buttons would be used where there are multiple operators on the press. This is usually a safety feature for both the press and the operators.





This device provides a multitude of uses to keep presses and employees working and safe. Having this button attached to a press allows the press operator to go about his or her daily business of running the press and knowing that, should something happen, he or she can immediately stop the press at any time.


The lock out feature provides that same level of comfort for the employee maintaining the press. He or she can get into the press with ease and feel confident that the button has been locked out and no one can turn it on while the maintenance employee is inside the press working to fix any issues that have arisen.


Because this button is so important, it is found on many of the presses in many of the larger corporation shops. It’s a highly coveted piece of equipment that is best for keeping employees safe and the corporate bosses happy.




Each of these buttons have special features that make them unique and important. Many of them are a safety feature to most companies. Whether they are seeking something small and basic, like the push buttons, something more on the safety end, like the 22.5mm buttons, or perhaps something larger or with a lock out feature, like the 30.5mm buttons or the 2.25 inch mushroom plunger with spring latch; these buttons provide each company with the right equipment for their company’s needs.


In creating this company, Mackworth Re


es has brought a new safety feature into the lives of plant workers everywhere. His design for the different buttons has become a widely used feature in many shops and on many production lines. Each of the new designs brought about by Rees, Inc. can be traced back to Mackworth Rees’s first push button creation.


Today’s creations have begun to provide more safety features and bring about a new way many corporate shops do business. By purchasing the multitude of buttons and switches from Rees, Inc., the corporate shops are taking the next steps to ensure the safety of every worker in their plants.


Safety should be a number one priority for many corporate America plants. The developments at Rees, Inc. aid in making this a reality. By installing these security features on their machines, plants are helping to create a safer work environment for their employees.


Having that sense of security in the presses and other heavy machinery they work on, provides the workers with more of a sense of being happy to come to work every day. By knowing the company cares enough to install these safety features, it’s no wonder they are able to provide more jobs for people in the area.


E-stop Button (Emergency Stop Button)


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