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Buttons All Around: Push Buttons, E-stop Buttons, and Emergency Buttons


Each of these types of buttons is unique in its own way. Many do not know the difference or why the differences are so significant.




These buttons are a general purpose button that provide a stop/start feature for machinery. They are designed to fit the machine and can be used on just about any devices, including casino machines and fitness machines. These buttons are typically designed for the machine they are ordered for and can look any way the customer is seeking.


They are a very generalized version of a button and provide a multi-purpose use. These buttons can be inset or stick out, depending what the customer is seeking to use the button for. As a more all-purpose button, this button provides the diversity of being used for almost anything. The only way this button is not able to be used is as an emergency stop button.




An E-stop button is more of a focused use. This button is designed for emergency situations and is meant to stop a machine in the event of an emergency. It’s important to note that this button can be made to look like a general purpose push button and may not be as easy to detect in the event of an emergency.


The E-stop button is designed with the safety of employees in mind as it will immediately stop the machine and allow any concerns or emergency situations to be rectified before turning the machine back on.


As the top grade emergency button, this option is very important for machines. It is made to show it’s meant for emergencies with its red, mushroom-like top and yellow base. This button also has a specialized lockout feature to keep the machine off while it is being repaired, should an emergency occur. Most companies seek out these types of buttons for their machines as they will provide the most safety and security for employees.




Moving forward with your button choices, seek out the perfect button for your needs. Feel free to do your own research and find the button that works for you. It’s important to know exactly what the button will be used for and what it should look like before moving forward with the purchase.


If you’re still questioning the buttons and which one is best, contact Rees, Inc. for further help. The professionals can help you determine the best choice in buttons for your needs. Let them help you find the right button for you and ease your frustrations when it comes to choosing the perfect button or buttons for your company needs.



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