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Unity in the Workplace

By: Luke Frey

Unity is something that is currently lacking in our country. We’ve become so divided that protesting has become a daily news story. Unity is essential for progression. Whether it’s your country, family or workplace, moving forward towards better things can only be accomplished when a majority has been united with a purpose in mind. If I had a formula for making this happen, I would be making millions. Unfortunately I don’t. However, we can take a look at simple ways to unite those in a workplace.

  1. It all starts with Management. Great management at the top is key. Why? Because great leaders find a way to take care of their workforce. For both the betterment of the people and the company.
  2. Make people feel important. There are two ways I see this being played out. The first way is by investing in their lives, even if it means something as simple as knowing their name. It shows them that they matter. The second way is by showing them that their work matters. Provide feedback and rewards for job performance. No better way to motivate than with desirable incentives.
  3. Work towards a goal. This idea can also be correlated with idea number 2. Why? Because people take pride in their work when they can see that it is attributing towards a larger purpose. So make a company goal and, along the way, share with your employees the progress that you are all making TOGETHER. United. As one. Moving towards something bigger than themselves. Sports teams do this all the time and there’s no reason that same philosophy can’t be applied to the business world.
  4. Last but not least, make work fun. Nothing brings people together quicker than FUN – humor, laughter, entertainment, whatever is plausible.

Bottom line is this: Division does more harm than good. Unity produces results.