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Why I’d Choose Rees

Why I’d Choose Rees

By: Luke Frey – Sales Manager, Rees, Inc.

I have had the privilege of working at Rees, Inc. for just over two years now. As is with most jobs, the first year was very much centered on learning. Learning about the products, learning about job requirements, learning about industry trends, company history, and so on. As I’ve learned about Rees and what we can provide, I’ve developed an admiration for the product we contribute and its level of quality. Is this bias? Perhaps, maybe a little. So I had to ask myself… how would I view Rees from an outward perspective. If I was a manager at a stamping press manufacturer or a conveyor systems manufacturer, what would my view of Rees be? Let’s take a look, shall we?


Inquiry: I visit the Rees website and begin to browse their products. The materials used seem to be very durable, as the body of most products look to be quite heavy. Some products are approved for rugged weather applications, while others are not. Regardless, there seems to be a broad enough selection to cover my needs. Maybe I’ll give one of these buttons a shot.

Purchase: Upon looking at the site, I’m having trouble finding what I’m looking for. I call and get a customer service rep. Not an automated machine, not a menu of options. A person. Within a few minutes, my questions are answered. I find a Push Button and add it to the checkout cart. I slightly cringe at the price. Will the performance of this thing outweigh the cost? I certainly hope so.  Payment = Complete.

Receiving: I am surprised to find that I receive the product within 3 days of ordering. Apparently it had been shipped out the next day. In the industrial world this is a big deal to me. The sooner I get it, the sooner I can get my equipment up and running. I like that.

Performance: Just by feeling the push button in my hand, I can tell this thing is heavy duty. In fact, it literally is heavy. No cheap plastic. No worrying about dropping something on it in fear that it might break. Just solid, durable, material. The button is ergonomically designed and works well on my equipment. My machine operators have no complaints. No issues thus far.

Conclusion: The quality of life is what makes this product worth the cost. Sure, I could buy another brand and replace the switch more often. But this product might last me 30 years. In the long term, it’s quite cost efficient. So yeah, I’ll choose Rees. Because they deliver.

The statements/analysis above is largely based on what I hear/read from those who are using the Rees product. Their feedback fuels my perception. Combine their thoughts with the facts we gather concerning the products (lifespan, performance, technical issues, etc.) and that’s why I can form this conclusion. Biased? Perhaps, slightly. But True? I like to think so.