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10 Simple Ways to Treat your Employees This Holiday Season

By: Luke Frey – Sales Manager at Rees, Inc.

It’s the Holiday season. A time to be cheerful, a time to spend with family and a time to show others how much you care about them. Not just your family and friends, but those you work alongside as well. So if you’re in a management position and need some suggestions as how to treat your employees well this holiday season, look no further. Let’s start with the basics.

  1. Have chocolates and peppermint coffee available in the break room.
  2. Send each of your employees an e-mail letting them know why you appreciate them. (could be tough for large companies)
  3. Give them an extended lunch their last work day before Christmas.
  4. Pick a day to have Carolers parade through the facility with Christmas songs for a brief time period. (We don’t want to completely kill productivity ;))
  5. If you have a TV in the break room, have Christmas movies playing on it throughout the day.
  6. Have a day where your employees can bring their kids to see Santa. (If hiring a Santa infringes on your budget, seek out the employee who most resembles Saint Nick.)
  7. Have your employees do a $10 white elephant gift exchange during their lunch break. Throw in a half day off work to the individual who brings the most bizarre gift.
  8. Put up a bulletin board in the break room and have your employees bring in a goofy Christmas photo to hang up. Nothing increases company morale quite like laughter.
  9. Assort the refrigerator in the break room with various flavors of eggnog. (you’re probably noticing a theme here. But hey,people love food!)
  10. Assure their safety by putting Rees products on your equipment (Sales people everywhere roll their eyes. Hey, I have to throw in a sales pitch somewhere!)

All joking aside, if there’s one thing we know how to do here at Rees it’s take care of our employees. They are the backbone of our company and deserve to be treated for their hard work and dedication. So… all you managers out there: please take some sort of initiative this holiday season to make sure your workers know how much they are valued. Their appreciation will be reflected in their work. Merry Christmas!

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